Dance, Paint, Play,…

Last week the exchange of methodology – our 4PeaceFestival! –  took place in La Cruz (Capoeira by Mangle), in Manrique (Grafiti by Casa Loma) and in la Loma again (Dance by Unión Latina). Here you get an impression!

Empowerment in La Loma

Friday, 7th February 2020: Cultural Center Casa Loma got visit of the Community Library Sueños de Papel. Through fairytales and interactive methods, a playful approach to the difficult topic of violence was achieved. Have a look at the colourful posters they  have made to answer the question: Instead of violence, what things do you wish for the world? Answers were i. e. respect, equality and pacience.

Another Workshop of the 4PeaceFestival:
Grafiti in La Cruz

Last Friday, 13th December, Casa Loma showed the art and technics of grafiti to a group of children in la Cruz – amazing!

Amazing Exchange of Methodology Took Place:
Workshops of Corporal Lecture in Manrique and Dance and Percussion in La Cruz!

Last Wednesday, 4th of December 2019, Unión Latina gave dance and percussion lessons in La Cruz and the community library introduced into corporal lecture in Manrqiue. Although the weather conditions were a bit complicated, everyone enjoyed the workshops and the kids asked for more in the future. 

Now we are close to christmas and the end of the year – but not before having a last workshop! Next Friday, 13th of December, Casa Loma will teach grafiti in La Cruz. Hopefully without rain, because the plan is to paint one wall of the library itself!

Now check out our fotos of the last workshop below and get inspired by the impressions of art and
the impact they can have on the communities.

The 4PeaceFestival started!

Last Saturday, 23th November, the first exchange of methodology between the communities took place.

Mangle teached capoeira in La Loma and Casa Loma teached grafiti in Moravia – there were great workshops! The participants expressed really positive feedback and asked for more workshops. And there will be more! 

Stay alert, during the next days we will publish the new posters with information about the following events: The 4th December Unión Latina will show dance and music in La Cruz, and Sueños de Papel will give a workshop that deals with corporal lecture – how to read your body. Interesting, isn’t it??

Below you can see some fotos of the last exchange. I hope, they transmit a bit of the joy we felt that day!

You. Will. Not. Believe. It.


As we announced some weeks ago, we will already start our 4PeaceFestival! The exchange of those great methodologies the projects developed, will start next Saturday, 23th of November. We are excited about the impact the artists will leave at the communities. May ART speak for itself and may the participants be filled up with inspiration, creativity and motivation!

Hello everyone!

Last week we have had some amazing PeaceTours! We visited Mangle, Unión Latina, Casa Loma and Sueños de Papel with representatives of the travel agency Impulse Travel who are promoting and offering a sustainable and responsible tourism. Next year we will start all over: Guests will come to visit our beloved cultural projects to get to know how they contribute to the transformation of their communities. That way, they make a contribution to the sustainability of the projects. This cooperation model between La PeaceHub and the travel agency Impulse Travel is called a Social Business! The focus lies on the projects themselves and we love that! Here you see a group picture of our PeaceTour at Unión Latina!

4PeaceFestival – what is that?

You might ask: What does that mean, 4PeaceFestival? We will clear your doubts! The 4PeaceFestival is an Art festival we will realize together with

  • the dance academy Unión Latina,
  • the cultural center Casa Loma,
  • the library Sueños de Papel and
  • the capoeira organization Mangle.

The objective is to exchange the different methodologies between the communities and in this way create new possibilities and perspectives in society.

This is our logo!

Check us out on Facebook MasterPeace Medellin Club or on Instagram masterpeacemedellinclub – we will keep you up to date!

MasterPeace Bootcamp19

This year the international MasterPeace Bootcamp took place in Tunisia! With the following video we introduced our beloved artists in Medellín to the other representatives from all over the globe:
Casa Loma Centro Cultural, Unión Latina, Sueños de Papel y Mangle.