A seal that allows us to Protect Together,

Seal of Peace

our partnerships is supportting companies and individuals as part of the chain of solidarity, love and compassion in the construction of the social fabric of vulnerable communities.

These economic aids support the programs of social transformation carried out by leaders or expert NGOs in their territories, and also use Art & Culture as a collective tool for the well-being mitigating violence in the area.

Seal of Peace

Get now a Seal of Peace for:

  • Your company's corporate social responsibility program
  • Your tax benefits
  • The personal satisfaction of Doing Good


  • Support the PeaceHub´s programs to keep guiding the peace leaders
  • A certificate of donation
  • An annual report and a monthly newsletter, with transformation data, videos or photographs of the community covered, to learn about the progress and challenges of the social program
  • VIP invitation tickets for online art events organized by NGOs
  • Your logo or name in our advertising media

What your support buying
the Seal of Peace will do:

  • It guarantees the payment of rent and bills.
    Keeping open the protection space to refuge the kids & youngest, like: Artistic Spaces, Libraries, Cultural Houses
  • Reduces unemployment and informality by guaranteeing salary income to teachers who are hired by the NGOs
  • Provide educational materials for artistic, academic and workshops
    (ex: brushes, paints, school supplies, makeup and accessories for dancers and artists)
  • Connect with the world paying the internet service, computer equipment and technology upgrades. It allows the youngest and the kids to get access to virtual education
  • Bonus for Groceries, food, expenses in logistics and contingency costs
  • Bonus for well-being: It contributes to the economic income of the families that take their children to the social programs for peace, bonus will be invested in education, medicine or entertainment

we have four types of Seal of Peace, every price and benefits depend of the needs of the client. Please contact us for more information