#4PeaceFest 2022

The month of April, was mainly dedicated to the realization of the closing of the festival #4PeaceFest 2022.

This year each of our partners had the autonomy to make their own festivals, according to the needs of each community, and with the general guidelines provided each year by LA PeaceHub.


A total of four festivals were held, impacting more than 400 people directly and indirectly, both in the workshops and at the closing of the festival.

As previous activities, several Emotional Literacy workshops were held with each of the communities, where emotions such as anxiety, procrastination, panic attacks, and anticipation were highlighted, since according to statistics in the city of Medellin and in the world these are the emotions that most concern our youth and children today.

Each leader replicated this content in their communities so that with full knowledge of the topics, the participants of the festival could express one of these emotions in an artistic way within the agreed categories such as dance, plastic arts, literature and music.

It is very satisfying for us to see the result of each artistic expression, and how each of the participants transmitted the message they wanted to leave in a forceful way, and also with the spirit of teaching others that they do not have to stay alone and submerge themselves in the anguish and adversities of life.

We give special thanks to our allies Unión Latina, Corporación Mangle, Biblioteca Comunitaria Sueños de Papel and Casa Loma Centro Cultural for being an active part of our corporation, and for always being willing to make their communities emotionally stronger to face the challenges that life brings us every day.