Our program will supplement the team's emotional wages,


reduce stress, and improve productivity. And to support the professional growth of your team or community. We do this through educational services such as:


Educational services for well-being of communities, or your team work.

Art Package:

Virtual Conferences

To inspire your team in times of change Delivered by PeaceHub partners, experts and international or national social leaders


Conferences or Virtual Consulting:

On issues of social transformation, innovation, leadership, social entrepreneurship, foresight.

By international or national the PeacHub´s expert-partners

Caring for the Caregiver

The Caring for the Caregiver program is a support group of experts, which was created to help leaders face their psychological burdens, their fears, stress management, understanding and managing emotional intelligence, empowering their personality, creating positive skills for good living, forming territories of peace in the present, for a sustainable future through play and art.

Martha Jaramillo, Psychologist, April 2020

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