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Cristian Alvarez y David Bermudez – The Peace HUB
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Cristian Alvarez y David Bermudez
Co-founder of Casa Cultura La Loma

Cristian is co-founder of Casa Cultura La Loma

Casa Cultural as a meeting place and protection for children, young people and adults in the La Loma neighborhood, a territory that is not yet legally recognized by the city’s mayor’s office. The Casa Cultural offers workshops in dance, photography, graffiti design, music and rap, as well as accompaniment for the development of the human being. Casa La Loma has helped to reduce the number of deaths of young people since its opening, from 200 deaths to zero

David Bermudez

David is a dreamer, a fighter who wants to be someone, who doesn’t want to bow down before obstacles, who wants to keep the promises made, who tries not to let the time given to him by the people he loves fly by; I’m a character who seeks day by day to eliminate hate, intolerance, negative ambition, who wants to be and be able to do it, I’m the one who doesn’t want to get sidetracked by a budget that wants to stay in this position and live this story that has come into his life

Casa Loma

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