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Wendy Vera y Daniela Monsalve – The Peace HUB
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Wendy Vera y Daniela Monsalve
Co-founder of Sueños de Papel

Wendy Vera

Studied psychology at EAFIT University where she currently works as a research assistant for the project “health effects of the establishment of a library”. community at La Cruz-comuna 3 and where he studied for a master’s degree in literary hermeneutics.


Her graduate work was entitled “Self-knowledge in Dostoysky’s Memories of the Underground, a Perspective between Literature and Psychology”. Since she was a child she had a strong inclination and love of books. From my experience in promoting reading and my approaches to social realities began to generate connections between the psychology and literature, which was later consolidated in the creation of the Sueños de Papel Community Center located in La Cruz-Manrique. I have participated in events as the National Congress of Psychology where I exposed the psychological and social intervention which can be done in a community library, which tends to meet

subjectivities and collectivities. I believe in the power of letters to transform realities social and therefore in my work and study I bet on the libraries as spaces of I find that they tend towards dialogue and the exchange of knowledge.


Daniela Monsalve 

She is graduated in Social Work from the University of Antioquia. I was a speaker at the III meeting of sexuality, body and gender in the city ofPuebla-Mexico with the work “Social discourses of the newspaper Q'there was Medellin (Colombia) that legitimize violence against women.” My graduate work was entitled, “Loves that Hurt and Kill: An Analysis of the Discourses of Romantic Love Linked to the sexual, physical and psychological violence suffered by the women of the La Cruz neighborhood-

Medellin.” Since my construction as a social worker and feminist, she recognized that no social process is complete without thinking about working with and for women, in key from that feeling two years ago I am part of the collective dream called Community Library

Sueños de Papel energizing the entire project of “Women: Dreamers, cyclical and powerful”, this process is traversed by literature, the life experiences of

women and the personal knowledge with which we are building roads for the

autonomy, freedom and happiness. She a lover of social transformation

positive of territories, literature, ice cream and women’s circles.  I am

vegetarian, witch and dreamer.


SDGs - The Peace HUB

SDGs #1, 3, 4, 5, 16


Sueños de Papel

   SUEÑOS DE PAPEL´S  Funding goal

This project is a library that functions as a place of protection and learning for children, young people and adults where they can learn to read and write. It also offers artistic workshops such as photography, hip hop composition and urban planting, as well as psychiatric support. The library was also created to make up for the lack of cultural spaces in the neighbourhood.


Sueños de Papel

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