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Yoiner Machado – The Peace HUB
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Yoiner Machado
Founder of Unión Latina

Yoiner Machado, teacher and professional in dance as well as creator of methodologies for the coexistence and peace-building through dance. For 13 years he has been dedicated to the transformation of communities and has impacted 1,500 lives. He empowers young people and adults so that each one is capable of creating his or her life project in favor of the community. His motto that spreads throughout the world is: “we are a family”.

Yoiner is the co-founder of Union Latina

A high level professional dance academy, for children & young people, in order to protect them from delinquency, violence, consumption of psychoactive substances, school dropout; at the same time it provides accompaniment for the integral development of human beings and offers the love of Family for all its members. Unión Latina has transformed the lives of more than 2000 young people since its opening

SDGs - The Peace HUB

SDGs #1, 3, 16


UNION LATINA´S Funding goal

The greatest challenge Union Latina has at the moment is to grant an income to the elite dance team, these dancers are the ones who are performing professionally. Due to their talent they are generating revenue to Union Latina but is not enough to keep a payroll for the group.
It is necessary to create a motivation for the dancers in order to keep them in the project, some of them are already getting offers to join other companies that will pay them a salary, we want them to be the teachers and the inspiration for the young ones. We believe that by paying each of them a fix amount (Subsidy) of 200.000 COP plus connecting them with our partners will be a motivation enough for them not to give up on the project.

Unión Latina

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